Despite only just saying goodbye to David Letterman, audiences will suffer another late-night loss when Jon Stewart bids his Daily Show farewells in August. Comedy Central won’t wait long for the new guy however, setting South African comedian Trevor Noah’s Daily Show debut for late September with a new teaser.

Comedy Central confirmed that Noah will ascend to The Daily Show chair on September 28, almost two months after Jon Stewart says goodbye to the role on August 6. The network released a first teaser of Noah casing Stewart’s chair, but predictably ending up caught by the main man himself.

Things have been relatively quiet on the Noah front, particularly since the “controversy” that saw some of Noah’s older, crasser tweets coming under fire from the internet, something Stewart even defended. Noah has put in a few scant Daily Show appearances since, jokingly micromanaging other correspondents in prep for his takeover as host.

We’ve included Noah’s announcement teaser above, but are you ready to The Daily Show with Trevor Noah to formally begin its run on September 28?

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