First announced last year, Damien is the forthcoming television series which serves as a sequel of sorts to classic 1976 horror film The Omen. The series was originally set up over at Lifetime, which has recently dipped its toe in the genre with Lizzie Borden Took an Ax follow-up The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. Damien is now being ported over to sister network A&E, where it’s been given an order for four more episodes.

Following a corporate shakeup at A&E and Lifetime’s parent company, Variety reports that executives have decided (rightfully) that A&E is a better fit for Damien. The Walking Dead alum Glen Mazzara is acting a showrunner on the new horror drama series, which centers on an adult Damien as he struggles to cope with the demons of his past.

Released in 1976, The Omen followed an ambassador who discovers that his son might not only be responsible for the mysterious deaths befalling those around him, but that he may very well be the devil’s spawn — the antichrist. So yeah, Damien has a lot of baggage to deal with as an adult, I’m sure.

The Omen spawned two direct movie sequels, a television movie, five novels, and a 2006 remake — the latter of which was received poorly.

Damien is set to premiere sometime in 2016, and the four additional episodes brings the Season 1 total to 10.

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