Though it's been in the air for a while now, it's official: Dan Harmon will no longer be the showrunner on 'Community.' He's being replaced by David Guarascio and Moses Port, both late of 'Happy Endings.'

Harmon will stay on the show as a consulting producer, but his role is marginalized. We heard this from The A.V. Club, and they got it straight from Sony Pictures Television. This comes on the heels of the announcements that the show is being moved to Friday, and that Harmon has a new show that will airing on Adult Swim next year.

Much like 'Cougar Town' and its recent developments, we're in a good news/bad news time for both. 'Community' got its fourth (and likely last) season, and the show has been on the bubble ever since it hit NBC in 2009. Though it would be better for fans (and the show's creators) if it went longer and hit the syndication-friendly 100 episode mark, that it got four seasons at all is a minor miracle.

There have been a number of staff changes on the show recently, though the primary cast are still attached (no Chevy-based shake-ups), and unless Harmon's consulting producer role is a way to pay him and also send him away, it's could still have his stamp (but won't: see below). The absolute worst case scenario is that they bring in a bunch of people to 'Poochie' the show up. But - at this point - we got three truly brilliant seasons out of the show. Which is much, much more than cult favorites like 'Freaks and Geeks' or 'Firefly' got.

UPDATE: Dan Harmon has responded on his blog, and his role is basically non-existent, other than to profit from the show still being on. This makes the situation even worse. As Keith Phipps of the AV Club put it on Twitter: "I think COMMUNITY may be about to enter the Doug Yule phase of its existence."

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