Daniel Radcliffe is doing his damnedest to make us forget about Harry Potter in this first official picture from the new horror flick 'Horns,' in which he's sporting the film's title right there on his head. Talk about literal.

'Horns' is based on the novel of the same name by novelist Joe Hill, son of Stephen King -- so the guy knows a little something about horror. Also involved in the project is director Alexandre Aja, another guy that knows a thing or two about scares, and has brought us films like 'High Tension' and remakes of 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'Piranha.' That said, while this is an adaptation, it's still something much more original than yet another remake from the Frenchman.

The film follows a 26 year-old man who wakens after a night of hard partying to discover he has horns growing out of his head, and he can't quite remember what happened the night before. We assure you, this is nothing like 'The Hangover.' The man discovers his girlfriend has been raped and murdered, but his horns have a particular supernatural power to make everyone around him tell the truth -- or act out in violent ways. Using his new skill, the young fellow tries to solve the mystery of what happened to his lady while the horns continue to grow.

Radcliffe plays the young man in question, obviously, and we're sort of digging this first official photo, courtesy of EW: