Beavis and Butthead might have gotten a second shot at life on MTV, but in lieu of spinoff Daria ever coming back, co-creator Susie Lewis has the next best thing. See what Daria, Quinn, Jane and Trent all look like in 2017, as the 20th anniversary brings out new designs and a look at their lives.

Once you’ve settled down from the shock of Daria reaching its 20th anniversary, head on over to Entertainment Weekly for a full look at the MTV characters all grown-up, as imagined by character designer Karen Disher. Here’s a taste of the updated cast:

In addition to the photos, Lewis also describes what the characters would be up to today, including Daria working Liz Lemon-style in New York as a late-night writer, complete with a black cat named “Godzilla.” And don’t you worry, Jane lives in New York as well, still concentrating on her art, while she, Daria and Trent hang out on the regular.

If nothing else, the photos should put to rest suggestions of a Daria reboot, given how out of place the characters would likely feel in a modern context anyway. The series last aired in 2002 with its Is It College Yet? movie, while MTV was at least considering a revival back in 2012.

You can check out the full set of photos above, and try not to dread life’s creeping mortality, man.

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