A new 'Dark Knight Rises' poster anyone? The film is almost here. The first wave of screenings kick off this week, next week is Comic-Con 2012 (where there will surely be some 'Dark Knight Rises' presence) and after that - it's showtime. So why not get excited with one more 'Dark Knight Rises' poster from the UK.

This new 'Dark Knight Rises' quad is the most visually interesting of all the 'TDKR' posters yet. It would seem (at least the 'Dark Knight Rises' trailers have hinted at this) that Bane's headquarters are underground, so this new poster shows a Gotham City manhole cover with some Bane-style graffiti sprayed on top.

But if you look close at Bane's eyes you'll see a familiar symbol...

As well as this works as a poster, it would've been even better if Warner Bros. had been able to actually spray this in some major metropolitan cities. And - who knows? - it's still early.

You can take a slightly larger look at the new 'Dark Knight Rises' poster below and remember to check back for more 'Dark Knight Rises' coverage as opening day approaches.

The Dark Knight Rises

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