Once upon a time there was a studio called Warner Bros who wanted to adapt Stephen King's famous 'Dark Tower' novel series. Months later, the collective fate of the possible movie and television franchise rests in their hands possibly with the aide of actor Russell Crowe.

Nobody's throwing in the towel just yet, which is made evident by Akiva Goldsmith's latest draft, says Deadline. So there's obvious interest to bring the cool fantasy tale to life, but is it too big of an investment for the mammoth studio to make? Apparently they've got a couple of weeks to mull it over before they can make their final decision, but they have another name thrown into the mix.

At one point we were happy to find actor Javier Bardem's name attached to what would be the fantastical 'Dark Tower' movie franchise. But he's since left the project. Word has it that Russell Crowe is now the apple of Warner Bros' eye to play Deschan in the picture. Ron Howard is still attached to direct the film with Brian Grazer serving as a producer.

For those of you who may not know, the 'Dark Tower' series centers on Deschan who's the last living member of the knightly order known as gunslingers. Through a series of events, he ends up being the only person who can save civilization by trying to find the legendary Dark Tower.

The real question is if they can afford to take this gamble. They'll be pouring in a ton of money into a possible franchise that may or may not prosper in the box office. We've seen wonderful examples of movies this year that have either ripped apart a studio's money pocket or have it overflowing with cash. What do you think, should Warner Bros go ahead with the 'Dark Tower' trilogy? Do you think Russell Crowe is the right person to play Deschan?