On the list of the weirdest phrases I have ever heard with my ears, “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Twin Peaks at Comic-Con,” would rank high. Very high.

Yes at this year’s Comic-Con there was an entire panel dedicated to Twin Peaks: The Return, which is currently delighting and/or befuddling audiences across the nation on Showtime. Lynch himself was not in attendance for the event (he had a prior engagement in the Black Lodge, my sources confirm) but he sent along this video which more than lived up to Lynch’s offbeat tastes.

It includes a cameo from the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison, an off-camera horse brandishing a gun for some reason (then it shoots a lamp with it), and Lynch saying the phrase “Oh thanks a lot! Your horse stepped on my cat!” which is almost as weird a thing to say out loud as “Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Twin Peaks at Comic-Con.”

The whole thing was apparently recorded on the fourth floor of a building, and then while they were recording someone fell out a window, and was run over by a car. This whole thing is delightful and reminds me of how great it was when David Lynch used to give the internet daily weather reports from Los Angeles for no particular reason.

Meanwhile, Twin Peaks: The Return rolls on on Showtime. The 13th episode of the revival premieres this Sunday on the cable channel; the season finale arrives on September 3.

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