In the world of 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,' it's been 10 years since the events of 'Rise of the Planet of the Apes,' which means there's a lot we missed out on since the Simian Flu was unleashed on humanity and Caesar became the leader of an ape revolution. If you're curious about what transpired in those 10 years, Fox has partnered with Vice for a series of three short films to help you fill in the gaps.

'Before the Dawn' features three short films from three different directors, each tackling a different period in time: one year, five years, and 10 years into the Simian Flu epidemic. At the end of the shorts, there's a trailer for Vice's new documentary, 'Island of the Apes,' which premieres online tomorrow.

The first short, above, is titled 'Spread of Simian Flu: Before the Dawn of the Apes (Year 1),' from director Isaiah Seret, and is described as follows:

Amidst a widespread viral outbreak known as the ‘Simian Flu’, a mother is quarantined after testing positive for the virus, leaving her husband and daughter to fend for themselves.

You can read about and watch the other two shorts and the trailer for 'Island of the Apes' below.

'Struggling to Survive: Before the Dawn of the Apes (Year 5)' -- Directed by Daniel Thron

Five years after the Simian Flu all but wiped out humanity, an orphaned teenage girl survives by bartering things she has stolen from dead people’s homes.

'Story of the Gun: Before the Dawn of the Apes (Year 10)' -- Directed by thirty-two.

Follow the journey of a shotgun through the hands of several ill-fated owners as the ‘Simian Flu’ ravages the world around them.

And finally, here's the trailer for 'Island of the Apes,' in which a crew heads down to Liberia to visit "Monkey Island," a place that's been taken over by chimpanzees who were previously tested and experimented on in labs -- basically, real-life brothers of Caesar. The crew speaks to locals who are scared of their chimp neighbors, as well as the scientists who were involved with the experiments some 25 years ago.