Last year’s Taika Waititi film The Hunt for the Wilderpeople was delightful in so many ways — its antic sense of humor, the warm embrace of the makeshift family as a center of healing for wayward kids, a darling dog named Tupac. But Waititi’s greatest service was introducing us to Julian Dennison, a pint-sized actor who nailed his character Ricky’s ‘Notorious B.I.G. by way of New Zealand’ vibe. The film left fans curious about which clever director would put the kid’s toughness and charm to proper use, and judging from a new post on Instagram, it would appear that the boy’s taken his first major Hollywood role.

The one and only @vancityreynolds — that’s Ryan Reynolds, for those of you keeping yourselves pure from the evils of social media — posted a photo to his Instagram account in costume as Deadpool, standing on what appears to be a rooftop in Asia (judging by the neon lettering behind him) on the set of Deadpool 2. And who’s that, clinging to his back like a baby koala, but the one and only Dennison! Peep this:

If you initially mistook the red neon glow lining Dennison’s head as crimson hair dye, rest assured you are not alone. But aside from that, this is a solid get for the superhero sequel, even if Dennison’s role hasn’t been specified. The first film had a sullen, sarcastic teen in the fan-favorite Negasonic Teenage Warhead; one could safely assume that whatever character Dennison may end up playing would fit into a similar mold. I know Spike appeared in the third X-Men movie, but that was forever ago — might be time for a revival?

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