When you're an Academy award nominee, it definitely gives you a leg up when it comes to casting. Even if it was something of a stunt nomination, you're going to get at least another role or two because you can be sold as "Academy Award Nominee so and so" (for instance, let's say Gabourey Sidibe). Demian Bichir got the nod for his work in 'A Better Life' and now he's got two new projects, 'Machete Kills' and William Friedkin's 'Trapped.'

Race-based casting is still a problem in Hollywood, and so it's good to see that Bichir - whose nomination was something of a surprise - has used the nomination to his advantage. And at least in Friedkin's film he won't be playing a character based on his race as he's in it as an Israeli operative. Little is known about his role in 'Machette Kills.'

This news comes for Variety, which also notes that he was considered for 'Star Trek 2,' which gives credence to the still unconfirmed news that the villain is Khan. It's hard to say how Bichir's career will shake out, but like any smart actor, he's finding a lot of work after the Academy recognized his performance in 'A Better Life.'