'Despicable Me' was a bit hit for Universal Pictures and even though the minions who starred in it weren't the main characters of the film, they quickly became the studio's merchandising mascots, appearing on everything from t-shirts to previews before 'The Lorax.' Now the cuddly little monsters will be getting their own feature film.

Slashfilm is reporting that the film will feature the minions interacting with human characters, but there will be some old characters from the first film and some from the sequel on top of some new characters for the latest film. Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda will co-direct the project from a script by Brian Lynch. The minions don't speak English, they have their own jittery language, so this should make for a wacky physical comedy type experience, which can be a lot of fun if the filmmakers cut loose.

'Despicable Me 2' will hit theaters in 2013, and the idea is for the minion movie to come out in 2014. Since it takes a few years for an animated feature to be made, this has probably been in the works for quite some time before the studio officially decided to commit to it. A minion movie could be big hit for Universal. We'll have to wait and see.