Blizzard will let Diablo 3, their fiery action role-playing game, loose on PlayStation consoles in the near future. While we wait to kill demons for their loot as if they were weird, fleshy pinatas, we can watch a new "Conversations with Creators" video from PlayStation to sate our thirst for dungeon-crawling.

The video introduces us to production director John Hight, lead designer Josh Mosqueira, and senior designer Jason Bender, who let us in on some of their philosophies about developing Diablo 3 for consoles. The focus in this video is on the PlayStation 4 and the changes they want to make to the famed action-RPG in order to facilitate the console crowd.

One of the biggest, most important changes has to do with the controls. Since players will be using an actual controller instead of a mouse, the team wanted the game to have the feel of console action game. To this end, they've added a dodge-roll mechanic that will be mapped to the DualShock 4's right analog stick. Their hope is that this helps players get a more action-packed experience.

The DualShock 4 will also be used to help streamline the experience when messing around with inventory, letting players access an easy-to-manage radial equipment menu. They've also added a Quick Equip system so that pressing Up on the directional pad lets players cycle through some recently-dropped gear.

The team also speaks about the way players will be able to stream their Diablo 3 experiences live to the world, giving them the chance to inform the world of their thoughts on the game and to show off loot.

Check out the video and let us know what you think about the PlayStation 4 version of Diablo 3.