'Die Hard 5' (aka 'A Good Day to Die Hard') is coming this Valentine's Day and if the previous trailers didn't convince you, maybe this final, longer trailer - filled with even more guns and explosions - will help do the trick. Are you ready to 'Die Hard' again?

Our biggest problem with 'A Good Day to Die Hard' so far is that it doesn't really look or feel much like a 'Die Hard movie. Sure, it's Bruce Willis crackin' wise and smirking but there's got to be more than that to a 'Die Hard' movie, right? Apparently not.

Usually the final trailer is the one when they sort of set up the plot of the film but you're not going to get a lot of that here. John McClane is in Russia, so is his son and so are some bad guys. Cue the BOOM! Really, the only time this trailer shows some life at all is when they cut in the classic 'Die Hard'/'Ode to Joy' for some well-edited explosions and jumping through glass. But if your trailer needs to rely on some classic classical music to work, then you've got some problems.

'A Good Day to Die Hard' opens on February 14th and you can watch the new trailer below.

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