And rain is wet, and the Earth is round, and so on, and so on -- Bruce Willis has confirmed  that there will be a 'Die Hard 6' because as long as he's still breathing, there will always be another 'Die Hard.'

The Film Stage reports what most of us already assumed: there will be a 'Die Hard 6' because Bruce Willis says so. While promoting 'A Good Day To Die Hard' on BBC's 'One Show,' Willis was asked about the prospect of a sixth 'Die Hard' film, to which the actor was reported "[looking] pretty pleased," followed by a simple and straight to the point, "yes."

It's not terribly surprising, considering that in 2010 Willis said there would be two more 'Die Hard' films following 'Live Free or Die Hard,' with the sixth film being his last, which makes sense... Sixth Sense... like that movie where he was dead for the whole time, so if you're a conspiracy theorist, now is the time to wonder if Bruce Willis is merely a collective figment of our imagination.

But before we even get to 'Die Hard 6,' there's still 'Die Hard 5.' 'A Good Day To Die Hard' finds Willis' iconic John McClane character heading to Russia to help his CIA operative son take down some baddies. That film hits theaters on February 14th because nothing says love like a bald man slowly walking away from an explosion.

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