Look, we know that the odds are against 'A Good Day to Die Hard' being anywhere in the same league as the first 'Die Hard,' but still, we can be hopeful. And if nothing else, the release of the fifth film has done something cool. On February 13 in select cinemas, all four previous 'Die Hard' films will be showing in lead up to the first screenings of the new film.

Here's the poster for the event:


In the case of previous marathons, they've been conducted partly in conjunction with one theater chain (like AMC, who hosted the 'Avengers' marathon and the 'Lord of the Rings' marathon). As no chain is listed on this poster, it's hard to say where these marathons will take place, especially considering it's more than likely they will be showing the earlier films through digital projection.

Which raises an interesting question. Recently 'Die Hard' was given 4k restoration transfer, and that restoration screened on the Fox lot. Is that what will be used for this one day reissue, or will theaters basically be showing the Blu-ray copies of the earlier films? Heck, we'd be impressed if they sent actual film prints, but that seems very unlikely. Regardless, a chance to see the first 'Die Hard' in a movie theater is hard to turn down. This marathon happens Wednesday, February 13.

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