Anyone wondering why Lindsay Lohan is a trainwreck at such a young age need look no further than her fame-grubbing parents. Now her mother Dina Lohan is hoping to extend her own undeserved 15 minutes of fame by appearing on a new VH1 reality show called 'Hollywood Exes.'

Back in March, VH1 announced the upcoming series, which will star Mayte Garcia, Andrea Kelly, Sheree Fletcher, Nicole Murphy and Jessica Canseco -- the former wives of Prince, R. Kelly, Will Smith, Eddie Murphy and Jose Conseco, respectively. At the time, the network said the ladies "want to show the world that they are more than just a trophy wife with a pretty face."

Jeff Olde, executive vp original programming and production at VH1, further described the cast members by saying, "These extraordinarily strong women adjusted to and endured a lot while their ex-spouses won fame and fortune ... Now these women must reinvent themselves again, stepping out of the long shadows cast by their famous husbands and supporting each other as they define the next stage of their lives."

That's all well and good, but Dina's ex-husband Michael Lohan is famous only for contributing to Lindsay's DNA, being arrested and keeping tabloid reporters on speed-dial -- so what's she now doing in the mix?

TMZ reports she's "[shot] several episodes, but is not a full-blown member of the cast," and that producers brought her in because she's friends with some of the ladies and can "spice things up."

We're not sure what that means, but if it involves Dina getting the beat-down in a cat fight, you can count us in.