Last we heard, Marvel Studios had narrowed its choices to direct 'Captain America 2' down to three. Well, now they're down to two, as one of those filmmakers has apparently bowed out of the race to pursue another project.

F. Gary Gray, whose last film was 2009's 'Law Abiding Citizen,' was said to be on Marvel's shortlist to get behind the camera for Cap's third (counting 'The Avengers') big-screen adventure. But according to the Hollywood Reporter, Gray has pulled out of that race to throw his hat in the ring for 'Straight Outta Compton,' a biopic about the pioneering and controversial rap supergroup N.W.A.

Gray has reportedly beat out contenders like John Singleton ('Abduction') and George Tillman Jr. ('Faster') for that job, which will chronicle the career of the group that launched rap icons like Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and the late Eazy-E.

That leaves 'The Adjustment Bureau' director George Nolfi and the 'Community' team of brothers Joe and Anthony Russo as the remaining names on the Marvel list, although it's possible that the studio might start taking a few more meetings since one of its candidates has already passed.

'Captain America 2,' which will follow the exploits of super-soldier Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) in the modern world after the events of 'The Avengers,' is set to come out on April 4th, 2014. That seems like a long time, but when you have not found your director yet, the clock has a way of ticking very fast.

Who do you think should direct 'Cap 2'? Should it be one of Marvel's remaining frontrunners or someone else entirely?