Zac Efron and Robert De Niro have both had a pretty rough year. Efron starred in this summer’s EDM-themed romantic drama We Are Your Friends, a film that flopped so hard that this writer would not believe it actually existed if I had not seen it with my own two eyes. (And even then, it might’ve been a hallucination induced by all the MDMA.) De Niro hasn’t fared much better, with his 2014 feature The Bag Man buried by a two-city release and last month’s The Intern yielding a healthy gross, but sour reviews. The viewing public knows full well that De Niro’s a masterful actor and Efron’s capable of delivering highly entertaining performances with a charming finish. All they need is a good vehicle to properly showcase their talents.

The likelihood of the upcoming film Dirty Grandpa being that crowd-pleasing return to form for the two actors may be slim, but a new trailer has surfaced regardless. The raunchy comedy casts the notorious RBD as the titular lech, and Efron as his buttoned-up grandson. After De Niro’s wife passes, he and Efron agree to a sojourn down to Florida in commemoration of her memory before Efron gets hitched to his henpecking wife. What Efron doesn’t know is that there’ll be little mourning and lots of horning — grandma’s dying wish was for De Niro to get back out there and sink it in some coeds on spring break. With enough libido to power heavy machinery, they cut a drug-fueled swath through the vast oceans of willing sexual partners at Daytona Beach. De Niro has a deeply unsettling tryst with Aubrey Plaza (who we can only hope now owns at least two homes) while Efron smokes crack-cocaine with Jason Mantzoukas. Think Spring Breakers, but with way more old-people jokes.

We’ve embedded the trailer above, but below you can take a gander at the promotional poster below. Paying homage to Mike Nichols’ The Graduate, it faithfully emulates the trailer’s combination of tattered prestige and spine-chilling sexual dynamics.


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