When Disney bought Marvel a few years back, everyone's imaginations went into hyperdrive. With Disney's resources and bank account account at their disposal, surely we'd see our favorite Marvel characters brought to life in new and exciting ways. In fact, the day of the acquisition, your couldn't browse the internet without stumbling over the question "Will Pixar get to make a Marvel movie?!" in every forum and comments section.

Well, the day has come. Disney's first stab at an animated Marvel movie has been revealed...and it's not what you think. In fact, if you guessed this, you're probably a comic book psychic or something.

Disney is planning to have a 'Big Hero 6' film in theaters by 2014.

Don't worry if you haven't heard of Big Hero 6. Outside of extreme comic aficionados, no one has. A relatively recent creation, Japan's own government-sanctioned superhero team first appeared in the Marvel Universe in 1998 and have hung around the fringes ever since, even starring in their own miniseries in 2008. Regular comic readers will note that they recently appeared in the pages of 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' where they teamed up with the wall-crawler to take down Doctor Octopus in the excellent 'Ends of the Earth' storyline. The team includes a bunch of superheroes you've never heard of, with the mutant Silver Samurai acting as their leader.

'Big Hero 6' hasn't gotten the official green light yet, but director Don Hall's pitch apparently won over Disney mastermind John Lassetter, who has let work proceed on the project. It makes sense that this film would be the result of one guy's passion instead of a studio's interest. After all, there's no way Disney saw 'Big Hero 6' on the list of characters they owned and said "Let's do that!" but it makes perfect sense if a one guy, a fan of the series, put together a killer presentation on how he could bring this to the screen.

Our first reaction to this news is a raised eyebrow. Who the heck wants to see a comic book movie based on C-list characters like this? Then we remember that 'Iron Man' and 'Thor' were considered C-listers less than a decade ago and we shut right up.