For his next trick, Shane Black will adapt classic pulp character 'Doc Savage' for the big screen, following the massive success of 'Iron Man 3.'

Shane Black is IT right now (but in our eyes, he always has been) thanks to the rousing success that is 'Iron Man 3' and Black's smart, engaging script skills. And those skills, according to The Wrap, just landed him a deal to write and direct an adaptation of 'Doc Savage' for Sony.

Doc Savage began life as a popular pulp character in the 1930s and '40s, with radio serials and appearances on film and TV, and eventually in comics. The character was a jack of all trades -- a scientist, adventurer, explorer, physician, inventor and researcher who was trained from birth to be a superhuman and the best of the best at everything he did. This training has given him unparalleled strength, photographic memory and exceptional brain power. And of course, above all, he's a superhero, using his amazing cache of skills to fight evil and injustice all over the world.

Black isn't alone in scripting the film -- he co-wrote 'Doc Savage' with Anthony Bagarozzi and Charles Mondry, based on the character's history in film, television and comic books. And now that the film has a script and a director, hopefully we'll hear some casting news very soon. Who do you think should play Doc Savage? Sound off in the comments.

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