Whether or not Peter Jackson wound up burnt out in directing The Hobbit trilogy, few would argue the Lord of the Rings aficionado has had ample time to prepare a long-rumored Doctor Who collaboration. That day may finally have arrived, as Jackson just stopped short of confirming his work on Season 10, with Peter Capaldi himself.

Take this one with a microscopic grain of salt for the moment, but Jackson himself posted a Facebook video alluding to myriad requests from Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat that he direct an episode, as we’ve all heard before. Jackson flippantly disregards the notion, continually polishing his Oscars as his daughter Katie Jackson reads the request, before Peter Capaldi himself shows up as The Doctor to demand Jackson sign the dotted line.

Of course, Jackson technically doesn’t sign the document, and the video stops short of officially confirming Jackson will direct a Doctor Who episode, but why go to the trouble of a video otherwise? Just give the man a six-month shoot in New Zealand for a single episode, and we’ll happily slog through!

In any case, expect an official confirmation sometime in the near future, as Doctor Who gears up to end its ninth season (presumably placing Jackson in the tenth), along with the River Song-returning Christmas special later this year.

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