For all the overseas talent that doesn't get its due recognition at award ceremonies like the Emmys, 'Doctor Who' has long been one of our favorites. Recently, 'Doctor Who' and 'Lord of the Rings' fans alike were delighted to hear that interest had been expressed back and forth for director Peter Jackson to helm a New Zealand-based 'Doctor Who' episode, but could it actually happen? And when would the episode shoot?

The Doctor may be headed to Middle Earth after all, but perhaps not as soon as we'd like. Recently, we'd heard a bit of back and forth between 'Doctor Who' star Matt Smith and 'The Hobbit' director Peter Jackson over a potential 'Who' episode, though it was a little more than wishful thinking at the time. Now, 'Luther' creator Neil Cross and 'Who' executive producer Caro Skinner might just make it happen!

Cross offered to pen the story for an episode that could potentially be shot in New Zealand, which Skinner told the Waikato Times about. Skinner specified that she'd love to have Jackson on board, noting it might be difficult to afford him, though negotiations could always take place. However, such an episode might not go before cameras for quite some time, at least a year after 'Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary Special, given that the second half of season 7 is confirmed to shoot its remainder in Cardiff Bay.

Still, Skinner noted Jackson's enthusiasm, and admitted the break would allow them plenty of time both for negotiations with Jackson, and planning a production effort in majestic New Zealand.

What say you? Do you think Peter Jackson would make a good director for 'Doctor Who'? What kind of adventure would you like to see Jackson tackle? Give us your ideas in the comments!