Production has gotten up and running on Ron Howard’s much-talked-about Han Solo spinoff film, a fact we know because he personally told the whole internet last night. Unstoppable Instagram power user Howard posted the public’s first peek into his heavily-guarded Han Solo set to the photo-sharing platform, and while it doesn’t reveal all that much, we do get a glimpse of one likely fan-favorite character. He’s been more elusive in recent months, but Donald Glover has been spotted, and while our new impression of Lando Calrissian may be small and seen through a display monitor, he’s still unmistakably fly.

In the photo above, Howard snapped a quick selfie as he got his camera in place for a shot, with Glover slumped over waiting for the call to action. Not much to see here apart from that, really just Glover sitting idly, but at least we get a peek at what appears to be a stylish yellow jacket. Glover’s made a point of taking pride in his fashion sense, and so it only makes sense that the costume designers would rise to the occasion and provide him with some threads appropriate for men’s streetwear catalogues and the deepest reaches of space alike.

We can only imagine what Glover’s thinking as he holds between shots, preparing to channel the spirit of Billy Dee Williams. Maybe something about his lack of a cape?

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