Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for Justice League Dark, as the movie has just lost its director. Doug Liman was set to direct the superhero movie which will launch DC’s Dark Universe, and was also excited about the level of freedom he’d get from Warner Bros., but ultimately he had to step down as director due to that all-powerful scourge of Hollywood: the scheduling conflict.

Variety reports that insiders tell them Liman left the project because it would have gotten in the way of his schedule. His Chaos Walking was just greenlit by Lionsgate, so he probably wanted to go ahead and start working on that instead. Sometimes this just happens, and it’s disappointing, and fans of Dark Universe who’ve ben hopeful about this movie have dealt with a lot of disappointment. Guillermo del Toro was once the director, but he mysteriously left the project. Fans were hype for Liman, who directed the fantastic Edge of Tomorrow, to take over, and for a few months it all seemed good.

Justice League Dark is a team of superheroes, who are not unlike the actual Justice League, except they’re edgier. The team is made up of characters like John Constantine and Zatanna, who are more in tune with the supernatural elements of the world and handle the weird stuff that the actual Justice League can’t. The Dark Universe would be a very cool series of movies, if it ever ends up happening, but it may also need to rebrand, since Universal kinda snatched up the name yesterday.

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