We've seen a number of truly ridiculous game shows that have come and went. But none seem as possibly hilarious to watch as the latest show that CBS has tucked into their pocket thanks to a successful bidding war.

You know the iPhone application called 'Draw Something'? Yes, that game. Well CBS is now turning that popular Pictionary-like app into a full on game show, reports Variety. They were in a fierce bidding war against several other networks but reign supreme. Sony and Embassy Row must be pretty happy right now.

So now that they have their hands on 'Draw Something,' a game that has been losing considerable momentum within the past few months, how will they execute it? Nothing has been specified as of yet so it'd be best to give them a couple words of advice.

If they want to make a fun show out of this, it could be something around the lines of drawing 'Double Dare.' You have groups of two paired up racing against the clock. One of the two players would be drawing their fastest within an allotted amount of time while the other quickly tries to figure out what's on the screen. There could be say as much as eight couples doing this during the first round and can be eliminated through failing to find out what's on their screen. Yes, it is around the same lines as Pictionary or 'Win, Lose or Draw' but 'Draw Something' has always been very similar to it.

What about the rest of you. Are you looking forward to seeing a 'Draw Something' show? Why or why not?