'Dredd' is not based on a particularly well known comic nor does it star a household name (although we here at Screencrush do love us some Karl Urban). Therefore, the marketing campaign has had to concentrate on the film's style, particularly its extensive use of extreme slow motion photography. Lionsgate has released a very cool featurette that explores this aspect of the film and it just confirms what we've always known: slow motion is really, really cool.

In the world of 'Dredd,' a new drug called slo-mo is taking over the streets. As the name implies, the drug causes its users to experience the world around them at a fraction of the normal speed, which means that when Urban's Judge Dredd starts violently cleaning up the streets, there's actually a reason for everything to sloooow down other than just to look cool (although, let's face it, that's the ulterior motive). All of this promises the most slow motion filled film since '300,' which was also sold heavily on its style rather than a star-studded cast.

The slo-mo featurette is a step above your usual publicity video, letting special effects and camera guys get giddy about the technology they're playing with while showcasing some fantastic test footage (the slow motion blood test is particularly enthralling). What do you think? Is the style of 'Dredd' enough to get you in the theater?