Sorry, 'Dredd' fans. We all know how much you've been rooting for 'Dredd 2' to get the green light, but that's one project we'll only believe will happen when we see it. But, hey, how about a 'Dredd' online miniseries to hold you over for the time being?

According to The Wrap, Adi Shankar, the executive producer of the 'Dredd' movie, has been secretly working on a 'Dredd' online miniseries based on the Dark Judges. Now, this is not an official 'Dredd' series, but is an unofficial "thank you" project made just for everyone who's been crying out for 'Dredd 2.' The miniseries will be released in seven parts starting later this month, said Shankar, and it will be free to watch!

The Dark Judges are made up of Judge Death, Judge Fire, Judge Fear and Judge Mortis, all of which come from a universe parallel to Dredd's, are famous villains in the comic books, and look like this:

Dark Judges

Not much else is known about the 'Dark Judges' miniseries for now, but Shankar is the guy who made those unofficial short films on Venom ('Venom: Truth in Journalism' starring 'True Blood''s Ryan Kwanten as Eddie Brock) and Punisher ('Punisher: Dirty Laundry' starring Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane). You can watch them both below to get a feel for what's likely coming.

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