The comic book movie craze may have exploded in recent years, but there have been movies and TV shows based on our favorite comics for decades. For all the action we see on screen, however, we hardly ever get to see behind the curtain at how it all comes together.

Fortunately, we've managed to uncover dozens of behind the scenes images from your favorite comic-inspired movies. From The Dark Knight to Dredd, and Conan the Destroyer to Kick-Ass, we now have a little bit of an idea of what life was like on set during the creation of these beloved adaptations.

With these images, we're offered a candid look at life on the other side of the camera. While there are plenty of pics of our favorite stars goofing off when they think no one is looking, there are just as many giving a peek at the magic behind how heroes fly, or what those incredible alien worlds look like before they're even put to film.

Considering there are about a hojillion more comic book movies on the way between now and 2020 (check out our timeline for just the upcoming comic book superhero movies), it's likely we're going to have even more behind the scenes goodness to look forward to in the future. Before we get too far ahead of ourselves though, it's important to look back at what came before to see just how far superhero adaptations have come.

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