'Dredd' screened for fans at Comic-Con 2012 and it "borders on being a blast" says our review. The audience loved it and now to get fans that didn't make it to Comic-Con (or couldn't get in the screening), Lionsgate has released a bunch of new 'Dredd' pics for you to enjoy.

As you may have heard, Dredd doesn't take off his helmet for the entirety of the movie, so don't expect to see much of star Karl Urban other than his jaw and his grimace. But hey, this is a Judge Dredd movie so you shouldn't see his face.

What you will see are lots of guns. And Olivia Thirlby looking really cute. And Lena Headey looking not-so-cute.

'Dredd' hits theaters on September 21st. Check out the new photos below, which you can click to enlarge.