Hollywood tends to operate with a little bit of a delay. A few years ago, it became public knowledge that the American government uses drone strikes to carry out attacks on enemy combatants from halfway around the world. As such, we’re now seeing a handful of movies that use those headlines to make a statement about the dangers of modern warfare. In 2014, IFC Films released Good Kill, a drama starring Ethan Hawke about a family man who begins to question the morality of killing people from halfway around the world. The latest film to tackle this issue is Drone, the new film starring Sean Bean with a similar premise but a decidedly more lurid execution.

The first trailer for Drone (via /Film) promises more of a thriller than a political drama, with Bean playing a suburban husband and father who, unbeknownst to his family, spends each day delivering death on people in war zones. The twist here is that Bean’s character is directly confronted with his actions; when a man who has lost his family in one of Bean’s strikes  —  played by Patrick Sabongui  —  begins to toy with Bean and his family, the result is a game of cat-and-mouse where both men have blood on their hands and nothing to lose. While the film, like Good Kill, is less a Hollywood blockbuster than an independent film, the independent world is often the fastest to respond to current events. It won’t be long until a major Hollywood director decides to use the morality of drone strikes  —  and not just the ham-fisted approach seen in London Has Fallen  —  as the basis for an award season film.

Here’s the full plot synopsis for Drone:

Drone pilot and family man Neil has spent his career conducting deadly, covert missions overseas all from the comfort of his suburban hometown. When an enigmatic, Pakistani businessman shows up at his home seeking revenge, Neil must confront the consequences of his actions.

Drone will hit limited theaters on May 26, just in time for Memorial Day weekend. Now there’s a smart release date for this film.

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