Game of Thrones brought us all to life with its first full trailer for Season 6, teasing a certain Snow-y resurrection and plenty of new deaths for Westeros. We couldn’t help but dive way deeper into each frame of footage. So what secrets of Game of Thrones Season 6 were hidden in the flames?

Beware of major spoilers, and check out everything we found in our inside look at the secrets of HBO’s Game of Thrones Season 6 trailer!

Snow More

Obviously, the big question off the bat sees Jon Snow lying in the same pool of blood we left him in, as even Davos seems to confirm the boy’s end. We’re going to jump around a bit to get all these Jon Snow tidbits out of the way, but don’t lose hope just yet. For instance, let’s jump to the very end of the trailer, where Davos appears to be defending Jon’s body.

Destroying it before the body becomes a Wight is one possibility, but note the other Night’s Watch men apparently drawing their swords, as Davos seemingly apologizes for an imminent conflict. Not only that, note the calm Ghost at the foot of the bed (both are strangely still, and might even be Photoshopped in to cover something else), as well as this telling shot at 1:00.

That looks like Ser Aliser and the the same Night’s Watch men breaking into a room upstairs from where Jon was killed, perhaps attempting to prevent whatever Davos and Melisandre have in mind for Jon’s body. Not to mention, Melisandre doesn’t pull out the girls for just anything.

And nobody get your hopes up, but Vanity Fair and others seem to believe this blurry figure in the background might actually be the resurrected Jon Snow, given similar attire to what we’ve seen of Kit Harington on set.

Good Riddance to Dorne

“We’re the only ones who matter, and everything they’ve taken from us, we’re going to take back and more.”

At nine seconds in, we see unmistakable House Martell sails arriving at Kings’ Landing, surely Jaime Lannister returning (you can also see him on a ship in the recent featurette) from his failed rescue of Princess Myrcella, who herself was confirmed dead in earlier photos. Cersei isn’t likely to be too happy about that, though she and Jaime are again seen getting romantic in the trailer, so who knows?

Ser Davos Stickworth

That’s assuredly Davos at 0:18, looking at … some sticks. A pyre for Jon Snow? Stannis? The site of Shireen’s burning? So many wooded possibilities.

Red Fire

“The great victory I saw in the flames … all of it was a lie.”

This chap at 0:23 doesn’t appear to be having a super fun time, to be flayed, strung upside down and burned in typical Bolton manner. Some have suggested the figure might belong to Stannis Baratheon’s body, but if you want want to get reallllllly spoilery, this appears to be the site of a multi-faction battle taking place toward the end of the season. In that occasion, two fan favorites have been said to be burned in such a fashion.

A Missing Queen

At 0:30, we see Jorah and Daario Naharis obtaining the ring Daenerys left behind when confronted by the Dothraki horde, Jorah still slowly afflicted with greyscale.

Of course, Daenerys herself shows up at 0:34, walking alongside the Khalasar, but take note of the below three shots, made to look sequential, but actually taken from different sequences.

Daenerys’ hands are bound in the first, shifting in the second to the statues of Vaes Dothrak (given a significant scale upgrade from Season 1), while the third shot sees Daenerys’ hands freed, and she is no longer accompanied on horseback.

Kingsmoot! Kingsmoot! Kingsmoot!

At long last, Season 6 will give us the Greyjoy power struggle previously abandoned by the HBO series, as seen at 0:43 with visible Kraken banners. The same sequence also appears to feature the baptism, or some ceremony of Theon’s long-awaited Uncle Euron (Pilou Asbæk) at 1:08 …

Before featuring the character again at 1:16, hooded and glaring at a rain-swept bridge. Anyone familiar with the books could likely tell you the significance of that shot, but we’ll leave that to your discretion.

Husband and Wife, Reunited at last?

“You’re in the great game now. And the great game is terrifying.”

The succession of shots distinctly implies Sansa and Tyrion are talking to one another, but we know better. Both characters make only fleeting appearances in the trailer, and Sansa at least appears to be in much better hospitality than when last we left.

Where Are My Dragons?

Drogon was wounded by the time the Dothraki showed up, and a (possibly smaller) dragon only appears at the 0:51 second mark. Curious.

How Cersei Got Her Groove Back

Cersei is DONE with Lancel’s Sparrow noise, especially now that she has a zombie Mountain by her side. The Queen Mother more than earned her pardon from the High Sparrow, rendering it unclear what Lancel might want now, though the shot moments later seemingly implies King Tommen and Cersei are at odds with one another.

The editing might be playing tricks, but it’s easy to imagine Tommen on the side of the Sparrows and their captive Queen Margaery, something Cersei won’t abide any longer.

Joy Is Coming

This shot at 1:00 might seem innocuous in and of itself, random soldiers obscured by shadow in an arid locale, but pair it with this shot at 1:16 and we’ve got a stew going!

That silver breastplate bears the distinct Targaryen sigil, quite the anachronism for Game of Thrones as we know it, likely confirming both shots as a flashback. In fact (and seriously, hop off here for spoilers), the leading man in brown and blue above is almost assuredly a young Ned Stark, likely leading the charge to “rescue” Lyanna Stark from Rhaegar Targaryen at the Tower of Joy, overwhelmingly believed to be Jon Snow’s secret origin.

Also possible, though not perhaps necessary, is that the sequence might be one of Bran’s visions.

Arya There?

Arya’s still blind and getting’ smacked around for her trouble. Yep.

Margaery of Sparrows

Queen Margaery (Natalie Dormer) makes only a few scant appearances, once at 1:06 in her cell above …

And again at 1:17, seemingly embracing the High Sparrow. There’s chatter that Margaery may have been broken or brainwashed to the cause, which could help explain the Tyrell army we see waiting to take on the Sparrows at 1:19.

You can also note Jamie Lannister on his horse farther up, a sequence we also glimpsed in an earlier promo:

Into the Woods

There are at least a few woodland shots that might be worth stringing together, whether a rider on horseback swinging fire at this unfortunate fellow, or a shot at 1:08 of Theon confronted by soldiers with dogs, likely Ramsay’s:

Brienne also appears to attack the same men at 1:10 …

With Sansa fleeing at 1:19.

Bit of a stretch, but could Theon have ended up recaptured, while Brienne returned just in the nick of time to bring Sansa to the safety we saw her at earlier?

Flayed Men Everywhere

In case you’d forgotten, those wily Boltons have plenty of archers at their disposal, not to mention the infantry at 1:14 …

Of which Tormund Giantsbane doesn’t appear to be too thrilled about at 1:16.

Trashing Daenerys’ Place

Man, girl can’t even keep her apartment clean on vacation? Gonna lose that deposit. What would even cause such destruction?

And, Uh … This Kid

Of every detail to pore over in this trailer, no one can figure out Spider-Boy at 1:13. Cat of the Canals, perhaps? Looks a little skinny for Arya.

Sup, Yara

Just Yara, makin’ out with a topless woman, like ya do. Moving right along.

Come at Me, Bran

Look who’s back! Yep, the second-to-last big moment of the trailer (minus the Davos-Jon Snow bit discussed above) sees Bran seemingly locking eyes with the mysterious Night’s King. Given that Bran’s upright, this is almost certainly one of his visions, though it’s definitely some added mystery that the Night’s King appears to notice him back.

Well, what do we think? Does Game of Thrones Season 6 seem as epic as we hope? What other details from the trailer are worth another look? Stay tuned for the latest, and get ready to rise up for Game of Thrones Season 6's April 24 premiere!