Duncan Jones, director of 'Moon' and 'Source Code,' has secured his next assignment, and it's a bio-pic of the life of Ian Fleming. Though Fleming is best known as the creator of James Bond, before he became a writer he was an espionage agent during World War II.

Jones wouldn't be the first to film Fleming's life - Jason Connery (Sean's kid) once played the writer (in one of those Möbius strip sort of references) for a TV movie. Jonathan Pryce and Charles Dance have also played Fleming on television, but this will be the first theatrical movie about the man's life. And as Empire tells us, Jones wrote the screenplay and based it on Andrew Lycett’s biography 'Ian Fleming, The Man Behind James Bond.'

Jones says of the project: "The essential question for me is: where did Ian Fleming end and Bond begin?” As more people are familiar with the movies (which have been box office smashes since the start of the franchise) than the books, that means we may see some origin-type situations that tie into the James Bond films. Whether that means he'll fall in love with a Russian double-agent, or fight a giant with metal teeth is unknown.