Although Jose Padilha's remake of the certified classic 'RoboCop' hasn't even started shooting, the viral marketing has begun! Although we're still waiting to see what star Joel Kinnaman will look like as a cybernetically enhanced, corporation-controlled police officer, a new website for the fictional OmniCorp company popped up that gives fans a look at a character almost as iconic as the titular hero himself: ED-209.

In the original 'RoboCop,' ED-209 was a clumsy, poorly programmed robot that preceded RoboCop. Its first test in front of the Omnicorp board of executives didn't go well, so the RoboCop program was given the go-ahead in its stead. Naturally, once RoboCop re-gained his humanity, he had to face ED-209 in combat. Brought to life with terrific stop motion animation, ED-209 is a villain that manages to be both hilarious and threatening, a machine so poorly designed and hard to control that it ends up becoming an ideal killing machine.

Naturally, any ED-209's in the remake will be brought to life with CGI, but it at least is looks like they're keeping the basic concept of the original design: a top-heavy, two legged monstrosity with machine guns for arms. The Omnicorp website is mostly a placeholder at this time (most of the links give us an "access denied" message), but we do get to see a commercial for some of the company's greatest achievements with an emphasis on the ED-209, which has apparently been battle tested in open warfare. However, the end of the commercial teases a new product, the RC-2000, while giving us the vaguest of looks at some kind of metallic surface. I guess we all know what that "RC" stands for...

'RoboCop' is scheduled to open on August 9, 2013.