Remember that 'Munsters' reboot you rolled your eyes over, a while back?  Well, it's still happening and Eddie Izzard is in talks to play Grandpa. This thing might actually be good, after all.

Eddie Izzard

According to EW, Izzard is in "final negotiations" to step into Al Lewis' shoes as the Count of Transylvania. In addition to a starring role, Izzard will also serve as a producer on the series, titled 'Mockingbird Lane,' which will premiere in 2013.

'Pushing Daisies' creator, Bryan Fuller is the man behind NBC's reboot of the '60s monster comedy. Fuller's also handling another eyebrow raising NBC property, the upcoming 'Hannibal' series, based on Thomas Harris' Hannibal Lecter character.

'Mockingbird Lane' was taken off NBC's fall schedule to allow Fuller and company more time to hone what's been described as a "darker' and "edgier" take on the kid-friendly classic.

Supernatural-themed shows have been doing well with viewers, as of late. NBC's 'Grimm' was recently renewed for a second season. But will fans respond to a reboot of a forty-something-year-old black and white show about a family of monsters? NBC is banking on it.