Elizabeth Banks made an impressive directorial debut with Pitch Perfect 2, and it wasn’t long after that she signed on to direct an adaptation of the YA novel Red Queen. And now it seems as though the actress has another female-centric project on her radar as Banks is reportedly in talks to direct a new Charlie’s Angels movie. Begin fan-casting now.

THR reports that Banks is in negotiations to direct and produce a new Charlie’s Angels movie for Sony, the first since McG’s underrated Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle hit theaters in 2003. Based on the classic television series, Charlie’s Angels centers on three talented women who serve as private detectives for the mysterious Charlie, a man who is never seen, but only heard through calls to the Angels’ private line.

The series took off in the 70s with stars Farrah Fawcett, Jaclyn Smith and Kate Jackson in the lead roles, fighting crime and solving cases along with their sidekick, Bosley. Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and Cameron Diaz starred in two Charlie’s Angels movies for McG, with Bill Murray playing Bosley in the first, and Bernie Mac taking on the role in the sequel.

Charlie’s Angels would mark the third female-centric directing project for Banks, and although she just made her directorial debut this year with Pitch Perfect 2, she’s quickly becoming a sought-after filmmaker for female-fronted films. The last attempt at rebooting Charlie’s Angels resulted in a very short-lived TV series in 2011, but with Banks’ sharp wit and directing talents, perhaps this version will stick.