Emile Hirsch is in talks to star in Peter Berg's next film, a Navy SEAL tale of survival in Afghanistan titled 'Lone Survivor.' Related: Peter Berg never making that 'Friday Night Lights' movie.

Variety reports that Emile Hirsch, who can be seen in the upcoming William Friedkin sleaze-fest 'Killer Joe,' is negotiating for the final role in 'Survivor,' in which he would be one of the key pieces in the ensemble.

'Lone Survivor' is an adaptation of the book of the same name by Marcus Luttrell -- a true story of Navy SEALS who were ambushed in Afghanistan in 2006 by the Taliban, and how they struggled to stay alive in the harsh conditions of the Hindu Kush mountain region. The men were on assignment to kill a known terrorist leader.

Hirsch would be joining Peter Berg mainstay Taylor Kitsch, who also worked with the director on the acclaimed television series 'Friday Night Lights' and this summer's 'Battleship.' Also on board: Mark Wahlberg and Ben Foster. That's one hell of a cast... and Taylor Kitsch.

Hirsch's role is currently described as "a member of the team."

In other news, Peter Berg is officially making another movie that isn't the 'Friday Night Lights' movie we were promised. Texas forever?