The nature of animation enabled Guillermo del Toro‘s Netflix Trollhunters to keep the late Anton Yelchin’s voice for three seasons, but the time has come. Ahead of the series’ final episodes, Netflix confirms Emile Hirsch will take over Yelchin’s role, while Tatiana Maslany and more join the cast.

Yelchin passed away of a vehicular mishap in June 2016, but had already recorded several seasons’ worth of the animated Netflix series, which premiered December of that year. Now, as the third and final season prepares for a May 25 premiere, The Hollywood Reporter confirms that Speed Racer star Emile Hirsch finished Yelchin’s incomplete work. Some instances of Season 3 will see the actors’ voices merged, though the series overall will “honor the actor with producers finding a unique way to incorporate the voice transition that is organic to the story.”

Additionally, Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story fave Diego Luna will join the voice cast as Aja and Krel; two characters that will return in Tales of Arcadia followup series 3 Below later this year. Another series in 2019, Wizards, will complete the trilogy overall.

Fans will at least have a chance to hear Yelchin one final time in Trollhunters Season 3, so stay tuned for trailers before the May 25 premiere.

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