You should know who Louis C.K. is by now. Only after a few years, the redhead comedian his garnered fame with his hit TV show - a fictional self-deprecating look at his own life - and is one of the most in-demand comedians currently working. One of the reasons why he's so in demand is his unapologetic hilarious look at religion, race, sexuality, and celebrities. One of those celebrities is Ewan McGregor who he's...especially fond of.

Ewan McGregor was a guest on Conan last night, where Coco showed McGregor a clip during one of C.K.'s standup routines. In that routine, Louie discussed his sexuality, and, that he's not gay, but if there's one guy he would, um, be gay for, it would no one other than McGregor, whose response to this is priceless.

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