The airport sucks enough already, so how do we make it worse? That seems to be the key question in the latest clip from 'The Expendables 2,' which hits theaters this Friday.

Guns! Loud noises! One-liners! All this and more when you watch this new clip for 'The Expendables 2.' The film stars Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and pretty much every other dude who's been in action movies. If you can think of his name, he's probably in this. Don't believe us? That's what IMDB is for. We'll wait here.

The newest clip from the film, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies, finds Van Damme's character Jean Vilain (spoiler: he's the villain!) invading an airport with an army of sunglasses guys and guns, but surprise! The Expendables are waiting behind some glass with huge guns and they shoot through the glass to kill the bad guys. And just who is going to clean up this mess? So rude.

The last few minutes of the clip feature Schwarzenegger tossing out his signature 'Terminator' line, "I'll be back!" If the rest of the movie isn't just these dudes shooting things and making references to their other movies, we'll be super disappointed.

'The Expendables 2' hits theaters this Friday, August 17.