For those of you who haven't been keeping tabs with Sylvester Stallone's buzzing Twitter activity, the 'Expendables' mainstay stated that he found someone to direct the upcoming 'Expendables 3.' Though for a while he failed to give us any clues as to whom that might be...until now! It looks like the much-discussed post is going to, well, someone you probably don't know.

New blood -- that's all Stallone would say with regards to which director would be coming onboard to helm 'Expendables 3,' despite a rumor that Mel Gibson would be taking the job. Most recently, the actor took to the web to get us guessing with a bunch of hints. "1st one who gets it I will contact," he tweeted. Well, someone got it! Our own Eric Walkuski (though two others got it beforehand, but still).

Patrick Hughes, the director from Down Under, is our 'Expendables 3' director. "The last film he did was more RED than BLUE..." and was a "damn good film" Stallone teased, referring to 'Red Hill,' which Hughes also wrote. Aside from that, he's mostly established himself in the commercial and short film scenes, but now he's moving up to the big leagues!

Aside from Hughes, Stallone also stated that he's looking for new blood to join the cast, voicing his intentions to bring on more female players.

So what do you think of this choice of directors? Do you think Hughes has what it takes to tackle the 'Expendables'? Our thoughts -- if Stallone thinks so, hey, why not?