When the first trailer for Justice League premiered, we all knew Barry Allen was going to be our favorite right off the bat. A couple of funny quips, and we were sold. Which made the prospect of a solo Flash movie more exciting than it had been — this Flash is a far cry from the dour tones of something like Batman v. Superman. But with the movie shedding directors every few months, most recently with Dope helmer Rick Famuyiwa’s exit, hopes for the film began to wane. Luckily, we have the Flash himself, Ezra Miller, to provide a calming and sensible take on the whole business.

Speaking with Collider about Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Miller had some reassuring things to say about The Flash, which essentially boil down to, “okay, everyone calm down.”

These processes are complicated, and I think it can—from afar—appear to be, as you say, something interpersonal or dramatic. That is rarely the case. These are groups of people taking the development of projects extremely seriously, and the teams are changing all the time. There’s often a lot of flux in who the team of the production of a film is before that production starts, and in this case, you hear about it, because it’s a critical figure—the directors that have been coming on and leaving. For me, it’s sort of a tragic relay race, and we’ve had a couple really incredible people carry this baton, and their marks are left on that baton, and the work that they’ve given to the project will certainly be represented in whatever the final product comes to be.

So, okay, this makes some sense. And, to be honest, we’d rather directors stay true to what they believe is the best way to make a movie, rather than allow themselves to be ground down under the heel of a corporation headed by bigwigs who swim in pools of thousand-dollar bills. (Well, okay, that’s probably not actually happening.) And when a director does leave a project, it’s probably not while throwing scripts in the air or swinging keyboards at their coworkers. Maybe we’re putting in drama where there just isn’t any. But we also hope that the film is directed by the right person for the job, and this movie has lost some considerable talent along the way. Which begs the question, what’s driving them all away?  Regardless, we’re excited to see who’ll step up to the plate to take on The Flash, and, since everything still seems to be in motion, that announcement should come very soon.