'Star Wars' is a staple not only in science fiction but in cinema. There are many iconic characters that appear even in the first movie, and one such creature is getting his time in the spotlight in the new picture 'Chewie.'

'Star Wars' fans may already be interested in the project. Not only because it'll center on our favorite Wookie and the actor who played him (Peter Mayhew), but because the film will be directed by Kyle Newman, says The Hollywood Reporter. If you remember the director's name that's because you've watched 'Fanboys'  (which was barely released because The Weinstein Company were having fiscal difficulties). He'll be helming it with the script provided by Evan Susser and Van Robichaux.

The story centers on the Chewbacca actor Mayhew around the time that the first 'Star Wars' film was being made. It'll show his time juggling two jobs, being a hospital worker and trying to achieve his dreams of stardom which we all know he does after landing this huge role. It'll be fun to see how he spins this story on the big screen, and if George Lucas will give his approval. And if you haven't yet, go ahead and check out 'Fanboys' just to see how this movie is in capable hands.