Are you looking for a slightly closer look at some of this summer's more anticipated movies? Of course you are. Luckily for you, the internet is currently awash with quick behind-the-scenes looks at movies you're dying to see, namely 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' 'Men in Black 3' and 'Prometheus.'

'Men in Black 3' may be the third entry in a massively successful franchise starring one of the world's few remaining Movie Stars (there's a big difference between a movie star and a Movie Star), but it remains one of this summer's wild cards. Sure, it'll make money, but will it be any good? The film's production was infamously troubled and suffered numerous delays and rewrites, but the trailers have showcased a handful of fun moments (namely Josh Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impersonation). Here's a new featurette focusing on Will Smith's Agent J character. What are your expectations for this one? Are you going in with high hopes, low hopes or not going at all?

While expectations for 'Men in Black 3' are be slightly tempered across the internet, the same cannot be said for Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus,' a film that has seemingly whipped movie fans into some kind of insane frenzy...and rightfully so. It looks incredible. This new featurette is a cut above the standard promotional video, showcasing not only some cool behind-the-scenes footage and glimpses at the movie, but selling the whole project as a thoughtful, smart and, well, adult. Then Mr. Scott himself ensures us that his goal is to "scare the sh*t" out of the audience and all feels right with the world.

A new website for Oscorp Industries launched yesterday, complete with a video featuring Dr. Curt Connors explaining the importance of reptile studies to potential interns. Of course, it's all part of a viral marketing campaign for 'The Amazing Spider-Man' and hidden in the site is a featurette about the character of Dr. Connors and his transformation into the villainous Lizard. A superhero movie is only as good as its villain and while we can't yet judge a completely CGI reptillian monster, we can certainly judge Rhys Ifans, who seems to be bringing humanity and sympathy to Dr. Connors. The featurette isn't available for embedding (Boo!), but you should definitely check it out here!