'Firefly's status as a cultural phenomenon has officially peaked this year, with fandom at an all-time high, a tenth anniversary special airing on the Science Channel, and the ever-present talk of a revival making the rounds once more. But while comics still run and talk of an animated series gets off the ground, sooner or later fans will likely understand why a TV revival has taken too long to make it to the air. Does that preclude the possibility of a movie, though, a sequel to 2005's 'Serenity'? One cast member doesn't seem to think so...find out what he's doing to make it happen inside!

We know, we know. 'Firefly' was cancelled, it spawned a movie that (mostly) wrapped up its story, and the memories of the brilliant-but-cancelled series will sustain us forever. It never hurts to dream though, does it? And after directing 'The Avengers,' doesn't Joss Whedon have free reign to do just about whatever he wants? That's what former 'Firefly' star Sean Maher certainly thinks, and hopes will get a 'Serenity' sequel off the ground!

Maher recently spoke to HeroComplex of the reunion panels and Science special, including his repeated inquiries to Joss:

When I see him, I’m like, “I don’t get it. Aren’t you like king of the world right now? Can’t you do anything? And I know we can’t do another show. I get that. A television show would be very tricky with all of our availability, and I don’t think that’s in the realm of possibility. But what about another movie? You just shot ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ in 12 days. You’re kind of amazing at that. You made that happen."

I wish I could wrap my head around it a little more. So when people ask me if there’s another one, I say, “You know, I don’t think so, but I don’t know, and I kind of don’t understand why."

What say you? Do you think Joss Whedon might use some of his 'Avengers' clout to breathe new life into 'Firefly' or 'Serenity'? What would you like to see happen?

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