The 'Oblivion' trailer is here! A few days ago, the first poster for the upcoming Tom Cruise sci-fi movie was revealed and we were told that the first trailer would hit on Sunday. Well, it's Saturday right now, but it looks like its here! After a year of concept art and little teases here and there, our first look at one of 2013's most mysterious films has arrived!

Directed by Joseph 'Tron: Legacy' Kosinski, 'Oblivion' follows a "drone repairman" (Tom Cruise) who patrols the skies above a decimated future Earth, which was all destroyed in an alien invasion years earlier. His daily routine seems to involve fixing the planet's remaining defenses, exploring the ruins of former cities and encountering threats that don't seem very human. They don't involve a mysterious downed spacecraft or a small army led by a menacing Morgan Freeman.

What exactly is going on here? The trailer is all about world building, not plot, so the exact nature of Cruise's journey is still in the dark. However, the world of 'Oblivion' certainly looks interesting -- the post apocalyptic wasteland of Earth meshes surprisingly well with the slick, 'Star Trek'-esque tech of the main characters. 'Tron: Legacy' proved that Kosinski could make a pretty movie, but can he tell a story worth caring about? This is his big chance to prove that he can.

Watch the 'Oblivion' trailer below or watch it in the best possible format over at Apple trailers!