The DCEU may be going through some changes as they recover from last year's Justice League, far from a critical or audience darling. James Wan’s Aquaman is still going according to schedule, but The Flash’s movie, Flashpoint, may have been shaken up a bit. It may not even be called Flashpoint anymore.

Buried in an item from The Hollywood Reporter (h/t The Playlist) about an upcoming film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s Armada, a small detail was mentioned about that film’s writer Dan Mazeau: “[Mazeau] worked on the Warner Bros.’ Flash movie project when it was titled Flashpoint…” Wait. What does that mean?

Perhaps Warner Bros. decided to nix the idea of taking the Justice League all the way to Flashpoint for The Flash’s debut film. A movie called Flashpoint wouldn’t really draw audiences who didn’t already know what was going on, plus it’s a big arc to try to tackle in one movie in which the audience has barely gotten a chance to meet all the characters. It’s tough to show how weird a parallel universe version of someone is behaving when we have no idea how they normally behave in the first place.

Or DC could still be adapting Flashpoint, just under the more manageable title of The Flash. The cast has already been gearing up for Flashpoint, ironing out their characters and how they’d fit into the narrative. Then again, we have no idea if a full script for that project has even been finalized, so if they had to change the story altogether, it wouldn’t be too much of a loss. Though The Flash has already been introduced into the series, it would be simple to go back and do his solo movie like Marvel did Spider-Man: Homecoming: Here’s a character you’ve just met, and here’s what their life is like apart from this giant team of superheroes he’s joined. Warner Bros. just needs to decide which road to take.

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