Before you get all judgmental and say, "But that 'Napoleon Dynamite' guy is in this!", just hear us out. The new trailer for indie flick 'For Ellen' has dropped and with it, all the feelings in our hearts as Paul Dano attempts to connect with his estranged six year-old daughter.

If you don't feel anything after watching this, you are a heartless robot. (Please don't become sentient and kill us.)

'For Ellen' comes from director So Yong Kim ('Treeless Mountain,' 'In Between Days') and tells the story of wannabe rocker Joby Taylor -- a guy who never quite made it but always felt like he was on the verge of greatness. You know the type. There are dozens of these guys in your nearest dive bar. Joby's estranged wife (Margarita Levieva -- 'Adventureland''s LISA P.!) coaxes him into signing divorce papers with the promise that he'll receive half the profits once their house is sold, but there's a catch: he'll lose all rights to their six year-old daughter (newcomer Shaylena Mandingo).

A kind lawyer (Jon Heder) tries his best to get Joby out of the agreement, while Joby negotiates a day with his daughter to see if he's willing to forfeit being her father.

The trailer is captivating, stark stuff, but it looks like Paul Dano is on a roll this year, with parts in 'Ruby Sparks,' 'For Ellen,' and the upcoming 'Looper.' Reports from Sundance were mixed, but most seem to agree that the film is poignant, though it might test your emotional resolve (read: your will to live).

'For Ellen' hits theaters in New York on September 5, followed by VOD on September 19.