Boy, it sure has been an eventful couple of days, right?  The Upfronts sure do love to bleed out information and material like a shot to the jugular.  On the heels of showing off one of their prize picks for the season in Mindy Kaling's 'The Mindy Project,' FOX has released full-length trailers of all their new shows?  Which are the ones that you need to see right now?  Let us show you!

We've already seen the adorkable trailer for FOX's adorkable 'The Mindy Project,' but the dramas really are where the network makes their money.  So between 'The Mob Doctor, 'Ben & Kate,' 'The Following' and 'The Goodwin Games,' which new FOX shows will be the most buzz-worthy this fall?  Check out the all new trailers and judge for yourself!

First up is 'The Mob Doctor,' featuring 'My Boys' star Jordana Spiro, William Forsythe (when DOESN'T he play a mobster?), and Michael Rappaport.  Spiro plays a doctor who finds herself embroiled with the mafia, which feels like it could make for a strong Emmy contender if Spiro plays her cards right:

Next up is 'Ben & Kate,' starring Nat Faxon and Dakota Johnson as a brother-sister pair helping one another through life and taking care of Kate's young daughter.  Yawn.  Trust us.

One of the higher profile projects FOX has lined up is 'The Following' from writer Kevin Williamson, featuring Kevin Bacon as an FBI profiler hunting down the cult members inspired by a serial killer (James Purefoy) he himself put away.  It's a more interesting concept than trailer, but it might be worth a look!

Last up is 'The Goodwin Games,' featuring Scott Foley, Becki Newton ('How I Met Your Mother') and Jake Lacy as three siblings literally made to compete for their father's inheritance, which seems like it could be a winner, no pun intended:

Perhaps not as laugh-out-loud funny or exciting as NBC's trailers, but there might be some good in there! What did you think? Tell us which of FOX's lineup has you the most excited!

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