If there's one thing mainstream TV definitely doesn't have enough of, it's charming roguish male protagonists who manage to do their jobs incredibly despite their crippling personal flaws. Enter the latest likable rogue into the mix, Greg Kinnear! Fox and the one-time 'Stuck On You' actor will set their sights on adapting Australian comedy/drama 'Rake,' chronicling an acerbic lawyer, as opposed to a doctor a la 'House.' But will it rake in any big guest stars?

Further proof that American TV doesn't need any fresh ideas of its own, we've just learned from Deadline that Greg Kinnear will head a FOX-helmed adaptation of Australian legal dramedy 'Rake.'  The original Australian version began in 2010 and has achieved a high degree of notoriety, pulling in such guest stars as Sam Neill, Hugo Weaving and Rachel Griffiths. The Aussie series is currently airing its second season.

In the vein of 'House' as an acerbic doctor, 'Rake' follows Greg Kinnear as Cleaver Greene, a "brilliant, iconoclastic and innately self-destructive" criminal defense attorney with a penchant for hopeless cases. Rake is described as possessing a "mind-numbing lack of discretion and a total inability to pause before speaking his mind."

Kinnear will also co-executive produce, while FOX has given the series a put pilot commitment with penalty should it not go to series. Would you tune in to see Greg Kinnear in 'Rake'? Check out the NSFW teaser of the Australian version below!

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